Friday, November 20, 2015

So it wasn't actually that tough... give my series a name. It's (probably) going to be called The Solar Campaign, and name of the first book in the series is The Spanish Game. I was pretty sure about the first book's title from the beginning.

The Spanish Game is one of the oldest and most famous opening moves in chess. Anyone who's played chess has probably played the sequence without actually knowing it. The reason the first book is named for an opening move hopefully makes sense, given the series title; You can't describe the conquest of our entire solar system in a single book. Yes, many (possibly most) sci-fi authors have done just that. They chronicle the destruction of stars, the fall of entire planets overnight. It's pretty epic stuff.

But I'm taking a different route. This series will describe a world-by-world military campaign to conquer every populated celestial body orbiting our star. That would take time. Decades. Once again, I almost launched into a discussion on this, but it's a topic to expand on later. Back to the topic at hand.

For me, the biggest consideration in choosing a title was simple: Make sure the title hasn't been used before. A good story has to be original, so by extension, a title has to point to that originality. I hate to say it, but I've actually passed over books without taking them off the shelves just because of cheesy rip-off titles.

Searching Amazon didn't turn up any matches for "Solar Campaign", so that's gold.

Another consideration: other sci-fi titles. To name a few:
- Starship Troopers
- Dune
- Aurora
- Star Wars (because of course)
- Foundation
- The Forever War

These are succinct titles. They sound cool. They aren't too grandiose, either. My title needs to echo these without copying them.

The Solar Campaign seems like my winner. It points to the plot of my story without giving too much away. It's not pretentious like another title I was considering, which was Void Aflame (it just sounds kind of douchey to me). To my eye and ear, it's reminiscent of a lot of great sci-fi books written over the years, but it's still mine.

This may not end up being my ending title. Maybe my publisher (hopefully I get one!) will decide they don't like it. My feelings wouldn't be too hurt. It's the words after the title that I want people to read. If there's another title that will get more of readers to open the book, that's the one I'll go with.

In other news, I've added an excerpt from the first book to a page. The link is docked on the right. Since this is a military sci-fi, I thought a combat sequence would be the best way to introduce the story. Head on over and make your first combat drop with the Solar Reclamation Marine Corps!