Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Solar Campaign Blurb

Well, it's in progress. Blurbs are stupidly tough to write. How do you condense a 200-page novel into just a few lines of text? Answer: you don't. That's the challenge. But here's what I've got so far.

Life outside Earth’s embrace isn’t life at all. This is what humankind has learned by the year 2338, when it has colonized the farthest reaches of our solar system. The thrill of endeavor has long vanished in the face of bleak reality. Whether on airless moons and isolated space stations, survival is a universal struggle—one that the colonists are gradually losing.
Nowhere is worse than Persephone, a lonely planet on the fringe of the Kuiper Belt, a place so cold that nitrogen freezes solid, and so distant that the sun is little more than the brightest speck in the sky.
Jim Redfield remains content to trawl the icy wastes with his dad for valuable bits of meteor, softening his predicament with an unquenchable sense of humor. His ambitious girlfriend, Lana Birkett, is poised to complete her final year as a naval cadet. Ahead of her lies a promising career—one that they both know will mean the end of their relationship.
Meanwhile, all around them, their people’s gazes have turned to the sky. An entire planet clings to one shared dream: to stand on the soil of Earth once again. To go home.
But when talks with Earth’s government descend into a diplomatic crisis, the people of Persephone face a calamitous decision: either accept slow extinction, or deny their exile and fight. Both Lana and Jim are soon drawn into a titanic conflict, one that will embroil every world in the solar system, from the valleys of Mars to the rings of Neptune and far, far beyond.